The Thorn Inside

I’m well into writing my second novel, which is a sequel of sorts to my first novel in the Our Home Earth series, “Ascendancy”. Eventually I will be looking for alpha and beta readers. Alpha readers will be employed in reading the completed novel and providing feedback on the plot, characters, setting, etc. Beta readers will come in after I’ve incorporated changes inspired by the alpha readers and will be asked to provide feedback on grammar, punctuation, word choice, etc.

That is all in the future, however. Right now I’ll be asking for your help. You can be my pre-alpha readers. I plan to release what I’ve written so far, about half a chapter a week. That will give you a chance to read what I’ve written and mull it over a bit. I’m looking for feedback. Tell me if the story makes sense and if you can follow what’s happening.  Do you feel like you have a grasp of who the characters are and what they’re like? Are there any terms that confuse you? Also tell me what you like and what you hope to see more of.

Excerpt 1

Excerpt 2

Excerpt 3


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