I took creative writing classes in high school and started off my college career with the idea of becoming a writer.  Life doesn’t always work out as planned and I became an engineer instead.  I’ve said all along that I felt I could write in my spare time, but haven’t really committed use of my spare time to writing . . . until now.

My published work up to this point is confined to a short story that was printed with my high school’s literary magazine.  I suppose I could count a (rather lengthy) piece of fan fiction I wrote for a popular television show a couple years ago.  That story peaked enough interest that I ended up being interviewed on a podcast devoted to the same show.

I fulfilled my goal of becoming a novelist in July of 2012 by publishing my first novel Ascendancy.  Now I am in the process of editing my second novel The Thorn Inside.

I am a co-host of the Enginerdy Show podcast, which can be found in the iTunes store and on the Stitcher Radio App.

I can be contacted at misterpold@gmail.com.

Want updates on when the latest chapter or story is posted? You can follow me on twitter, user name misterpold.


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