Why I’m Better Looking Than You

13 05 2013

I’ve developed a theory to explain my stunningly handsome good-looks. And I’m not writing this just because I’m vain. I have other equally valid reasons for writing this besides vanity. My theory is that each of us are hardwired to think we are the most devastatingly handsome or beautiful being on the planet. Therefore, we are also programmed to seek out others that look similar to ourselves. That is why so many couples have similar looks. I’m not saying all of the features are going to be exactly alike, but there are enough similarities to make my theory work.

Another example of my theory in action is that all parents think their kids are also the most beautiful thing in the world. What do you expect when you combine your favorite face in the world with your second favorite face? Ok, so all kids are cute . . . well, most kids are cute . . . c’mon admit it, there are some kids that got the short end of the cuteness stick. But think about your own kids – cutest on the planet, right?

This may also explain why you like your family. They have a passing resemblance to yourself and they like you for the same reason. It may also explain why some people marry their cousins or wish they could.

Why would programming like this exist? Propogation of the species, of course. If you looked in the mirror and saw a horrible monster there, you may give up before you try to pass on your genes. On the other hand, when you look in the mirror and smile and say, “Hello, beautiful,” you at least subconsciously think that your genes are the ones that should be propogated.

Now you may be thinking, how do I know this guy doesn’t look like a wombat whose been in a faming implement accident? Where does he come off thinking he’s better looking than me? Well, you could check out my profile picture on Amazon right before you buy my novel and see for yourself, or you could realize that it doesn’t matter what I look like, my genetic bias is going to tell me something different than it tells you.




One response

13 05 2013

This was most definitely written from a male perspective but I must admit, my kids are the cutest things alive. šŸ™‚

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