Nanowrimo 2011: Week Four

28 11 2011

I am down to 3,882 words left to write before midnight on Wednesday which means I am about 92% of the way done with my challenge.  It feels good to be so close and I am already looking forward to the chance to do a rewrite.  You see, I’ve hit a great milestone in my novel writing experience: I am not trying to write the perfect novel on the first try.

Looking back, I can say that has not always been the case this month.  Sure, I would tell people that I love the challenge because it got me writing more stream of consciousness stuff and got me away from self-editing as much as I usually do, but that was totally false.  I was planning out scenes and stressing over continuity and trying to come up with really cool ways to get ideas across and self-editing like crazy.

Now that I can see the end and know that I have more material than needed to finish on time, I am feeling a lot looser and I can tell myself to leave some of the things I don’t like alone because I can fix them in a few days when the word count pressure isn’t on.

The two things that are bothering me most about finishing the novel are both related to things that happened on Thanksgiving.  They are my right hand and my left hand and they are both painful to type with!  First, I injured my right thumb playing flag football with the guys Thanksgiving morning.  Then, I’ve made my left thumb sore playing Super Mario Brothers Wii the rest of the weekend.

Yeah, I know.  I could have avoided both problems and spent the time writing my novel instead, but that is the point!  I discovered that I can write and have a life at the same time.  It was a sweet discovery and even if my efforts this month don’t turn into a published novel, I have proven to myself that I can write a novel length story.  And if I bring nothing else away from this experience, I count it a success.




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