Nanowrimo 2011: Week Three

21 11 2011

I’ve made it to 70% done with the challenge.  I’ve gone through moments when I thought it would be a piece of cake to finish and I’ve gone through moments when I believed that there was no way whatsoever of finishing by the end of the month.

I’ve gone from thinking that everything I’m writing is pure gold and that I will be able to publish my novel with minimal editing to thinking that I am crazy for putting this drivel on my blog for all to read.

Right now, I’m somewhere in between those extremes and realize that I will probably make my goal, but I will probably need a major rewrite an multiple overhauls of plot, pacing and all that other stuff.

The high point this week was one of my minor characters taking on a life of his own and directing my plot into someplace it needed to go, while I would have missed the off-ramp worrying about keeping my writing pace going.  This character wouldn’t have even existed if not for a frenzied extra chapter that was written to keep my word count growing while I tried to figure out the next thing in store for my main character.

That filler chapter provided a little bit of comic relief for myself as I wrote the minor character as I would envision John Cleese to act it if this were a movie and he was cast for the part.  Now that this minor character has taken a larger role, I am not abandoning my visualization of Cleese, but I am learning how to let my story move me instead of me forcing it into a predefined box.

Another thing that excited me this week about my novel was that I decided to round the story out a bit.  This resulted in me going back and adding a chapter between four and five to explain what happened to my main characters friends after he went off on all the adventures I had planned for him.  You see, I left his friends in a lurch and planned to fill the reader in on how they avoided the annihilation it looked like they were due for at the end.

I just remembered something else I  did with my novel this week.  It didn’t do anything to increase my word count, but it did revive my flailing interest in the novel.  I made an illustration ad put it in Chapter 15.  I really don’t know what purpose it serves rather than being something that took my mind off of word counts and all that goes with writing in order to complete a challenge.

I learned some things that weren’t so exiting.  I learned that continuity is hard and I’m finding myself doing things that I have held my nose up at when I’ve read others’ work.  I have been finding myself coming up with quick fixes to solve discontinuities.  I’ve also written myself into some corners where I look at it and think ‘that will never work, the antagonist could just do this to thwart all of my protagonists plans to triumph.

Now, as long as I don’t succumb to temptation and create that spreadsheet that will convert fractions of light years into Octal numbers, I think I can finish in time.  And oh there’s that little holiday called Thanksgiving that occurs this week.  Oh boy.





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