Nanowrimo 2011, week one

7 11 2011

As you may know, I’ve decided to participate in the National Novel Writing Month 2011 challenge.  My challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in one month, the month of November.  I am 22% of the way through after one week.  Pretty good progress considering how busy I am this month.

For my topic, I chose to write a story set in the Our Home Earth universe that I created a couple of years ago.  That gave me a framework to work in.  Part of the challenge of writing science fiction or fantasy is coming up with a world for your story to take place in that is self-consistent.  I picked through the history in my universe and decided to use the first contact story between Humans and aliens from Tau Ceti.  It always seemed like a good place to start and an interesting concept.

The working title of the story is The Ascendancy of Tau Ceti.  It is in its rough draft form so that I can complete the challenge.  Part of the beauty of the challenge, besides actually forcing myself to write, is that I am pushed out of my comfort zone.  I usually spend a lot of time editing as I write and this challenge is forcing me to leave the editing for later and letting the flow of the story take over.

If you want to get a peek at what the novel is looking like, click on one of the following links.  It will take you to chapter one.

Chapter 1




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