Behind the Scenes: Green Eye of Fate

10 07 2011

The Green Eye of Fate started as a completely different story that I had written as fan fiction for a popular television show.  That short story, The Music Box, was the back-story of one of the enigmatic characters from the show for which the audience had been given a few bits and pieces of information.  I had started writing it as a method to try to figure out how those pieces could fit together in a coherent whole.

The main character (who would become Atlanta in Green Eye of Fate) was the only one based directly on a character from the show.  The other characters had names corresponding to names provided in the show, but were my own creations.

In the course of  writing The Music Box, I became very attached to these characters and was somewhat disappointed when the story reached its conclusion and I had to bid them farewell.

So when I decided to start this website and dedicate myself to writing more often, I felt I needed a good kick-off.  The Music Box came to mind, but the idea of starting with fan fiction for a show that had already aired an episode that contradicted my imagined back-story didn’t seem right.

I decided to take The Music Box and change the setting and the character’s names.  Since science fiction is my favorite genre, I set Green Eye of Fate in space.  The first chapter is almost identical to The Music Box with the only differences being their names and them living on a space ship instead of an ocean going vessel.  The second chapter is also very similar to The Music Box but starts to diverge significantly after that.

As a result there are a few anachronisms that exist like the fact that Atlanta is pregnant when the story takes place.  That tidbit sets up a lot of the important action that takes place in The Music Box, but really has no bearing in Green Eye of Fate.

It’s a fairly straight forward story about a couple who are in love, face challenges together and in the end overcome.  As with any science fiction, there is some deeper meaning if you go looking for it, but I don’t feel I can delve into that too much without ruining the story for those who haven’t read it.  Besides, seldom do the intentions of the writer completely mesh up what the reader gets from it.  This is one of the beauties of art: the consumer brings with them their own experiences and biases and everyone gets a little something different from the art.

One of my influences while writing Green Eye of Fate was a book I read written by Stephen Hawking about black holes.  One thought I had was about faster-than-light technology.  If a ship could travel faster than the speed of light, perhaps it might also be able to escape a black hole where light could not.  The other impression I got was that as smart as Hawking is, he is still mostly building on theories that have been accepted as fact over the past century.  In short, no one knows what it is like inside a black hole and probably never will.  Having that insight allowed me to take license with what could happen.

In my haste to get the website rolling, I was publishing each chapter immediately after it was written.  This caused some difficulty because when you publish that way, it is impossible (or at least impractical) to edit the story line as you go.  I had to build each chapter on the one before.  Writing yourself into a corner becomes a real danger and one I was luckily able to avoid.  My other stories on this site were published only after they were complete  and thus gave me the luxury of doing rewrites or starting completely over (which happened with one of them).

Sometimes people wonder if any of the characters were based on real people.  For the most part, I steer clear of writing people I know into a story.  It seems like it would be embarrassing if your friend reads your story and says, hey that character seems like they were based on me.  Do I get royalties for that?  That being said, I did loosely base Manuel on a friend of mine.  If he’s reading this, no you don’t get royalties.

I hope you enjoyed reading The Green Eye of Fate as much as I enjoyed writing it.  If you haven’t read it, I recommend it.  If you have any specific questions about The Green Eye of Fate leave them in the comment section below.  I don’t think I need to point out to those who haven’t read it yet that the comments below may give away plot points of the story that may spoil it for you.




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11 07 2011

I read the Green Eye of Fate some time ago but now I must read it again and try to look for the deeper meaning. I enjoyed it the first time around so it won’t be any hardship to do it again. Mr Pold, you are becoming one of my favorite science fiction authors. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story.

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