30 05 2011

I never thought I’d want to write a blog.  It always seemed so narcissistic.

Hey, everyone!  Look at me!  Listen to what I’ve got to say!

Anyway, maybe narcissistic is too strong a word.  Or maybe being pretentious enough to use the word “narcissistic” instead of a shorter word like “vain” is the very epitome of narcissism.

Hey, everyone!  Look at me!  I like to use big words to sound smart!

Call me narcissistic then; I’m not too full of myself to admit I’m full of myself.

I think the reason I finally did decide to write a blog is two-fold.  One is to get satisfaction from entertaining an audience while trying to make them think.  The other is to drive traffic to the main aspect of this website, my fiction, so that I can entertain an audience while trying to make them think.  Ok, so maybe it’s just one reason.

Initially, I thought the stories themselves would be enough to draw people in.  However, given that I don’t have quite the quantity of time necessary to pump out short stories in anything like a regular enough schedule to have a regular readership, it would seem I need to change my tactics.  That is where the blog aspect comes into play.

Having a regular schedule of blog posts gets people on a regular schedule of reading them.  (Hypothetical people, of course, but then if someone actually reads this they are no longer hypothetical, now, are they?)  But to make that work, it means I have to pump these out at an even pace.  And so to make that happen, I will probably have to pace myself and get a queue set up of blog posts and release them one at a time.

I’m going to shoot for once a week.

Also, since my main advertising to start out with is Facebook (find Mind of Mister Pold on Facebook and “like” it, will ya?), I probably want to time my release of new material for when people will be most likely to see it.  I’m thinking Monday morning when people are getting back in the groove of their week and checking Facebook.

Look for new posts on Monday mornings.

Now that I’ve written this, I just realized that my explanation of how my blog got started and when it is going to post is going to be seen by probably two people.  Guess I better get on Facebook and herd people to my Facebook page so they can get my updates and actually come and read this.




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