24 08 2009

She opened her eyes slowly. Artificial daylight brightened the room while the blackness of space glowered through a small window above and to the right of where she lay. A soft smile lingered on her lips as she felt a fluttering movement. Her hand went unconsciously to her bulging belly as she felt the form of her baby move against it. Contentment flowed through her as she drifted in the twilight sea of sleep. An angelic face seemed to peer up at her in her; it was the face of a little boy. A shock of blonde hair framed his sun darkened countenance. Bright blue eyes staring questioningly into hers.

A voice interrupted her reverie. “Happy anniversary, my dear.”

She stretched slightly and opened her eyes, crinkling them with delight. “You‘re awake.” She rolled over and stared amorously into eyes that glimmered with guile. “What are you up to?”

He sat up and threw his legs over the side of the bed as he reached for his shirt. “Whatever makes you think I’m hiding something, my dear?”

“Oh I know you can’t be trusted,” she said with mock seriousness as she sidled up to him and kissed his neck.

“My dear,” he said as he turned his head to catch her eye. “I could never hide anything from you. You know that.” She kissed him again for his confession. “I have something for you, ” he stated as if changing the subject. She rolled her eyes and pulled the blanket around herself as he stood and opened a drawer near the bed.

He pulled a box out of the drawer and placed it on the small table near the bed. A grin enveloped her face as she opened the box and pulled a music box out of it. She opened the box to reveal a petite statuette of a ballerina spinning gracefully to pretty music. He stood with a satisfied look in his eyes as she admired the gift. “It’s lovely, Jason,” she gushed.

“Well, I’m glad you like it!” he said with satisfaction.

“I love it!”

“We should be back to Earth at the beginning of next week and when we get there, I’ve got something else in store for you.”

“You spoil me.”

Jason sat on the edge of the bed again and took her hand. “Well, with the baby on the way we really need to get you back to a more comfortable existence. I don’t know how you talked me into bringing you on this latest expedition.”

She pushed him playfully with her free hand. “You think I wanted to stay at home pregnant while you explored the galaxy without me? What if you were marooned on some inhospitable planet?”

“Oh yes, and what if that planet were populated by amazon women who kept me there as their pet alien slave.” He attempted to make his face look grave. “You would have to come rescue me. Yes, I can visualize it now, you swooping in with your guns blazing to win me back!”

“You’re making fun of me,” she said. “I’m serious, there are all sorts of unknown dangers out here. If you were to be killed or the ship was stranded . . . Our child would never know her father.”

Jason laughed, “Well then, I’m glad you’re with me to make sure that doesn’t happen.” He kissed her. “I better go to the bridge and see to it that the crew doesn’t have us setting course for some amazonian rain forest planet.”

She shook her head at him. “I’ll be up in a moment,” she promised as she watched him stand and leave the room. She rewound the music box and watched dreamily as the ballerina twirled on its miniature stage.





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29 08 2009

Beautiful! I’m so glad you found new inspiration for your writing. The setting is a wonderful twist. As a writing teacher, I have found that sci/fi and fantasy are the most difficult fiction genres to write because if they are not done well…. Well, I bet you could name a few that just didn’t work. What makes your writing work is your amazing characterization. No matter when or where your stories are set, they are grounded in rich, real character description which grounds the storyline. You have a gift for writing, and I can tell it brings you pleasure. Thank you for having the courage to share this with a potentially huge audience, and I look forward to future pieces.

3 09 2009
LostAli75 (rugbygrl)

Wonderful start, can’t wait to catch up 🙂

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