The Green Eye of FateThe Green Eye of Fate – As technology has advanced, more and more of the galaxy has come within reach of mankind.  The long range science ship Delphinus is one of the ships commissioned to survey the expanse and map out some newly discovered anomalies.  Jason, his wife Atlanta and the crew of the Delphinus are about to complete their latest expedition.  Atlanta’s pregnancy has Jason eager to return to Earth.  But before that can happen, they make one more stop that will threaten to tear them apart . . .





The Artifact – Most of the solar system has been settled, but man has only made one attempt at interstellar space.  That expedition ended in disaster for the crew of the Pytheas and man never attempted the journey again.  Now the Pytheas is up for dispositioning at the shipyards on Ceres, a small world in the astroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Olaf Speckman is a troubled man and part of the crew assigned to cut her up.  He is about to find something on the ship that will cause him to examine his life, but will it be too late for him to change it . . .

The Bus Runs On Time – Steven Clapham was always on time. He pulled into the bus depot parking lot at exactly 4:55 in the morning. There was a slight chill in the darker than usual air as he pulled into his spot…

For the audio version click here: The Bus Runs On Time

Passenger – Every second of the man’s life holds wonder and intrigue.  What happens when he pushes things too far . . .

OurHomeEarthAscendancy-LeoMontgomeryOur Home Earth: Ascendancy  – It’s 2159 and all Vontae Abasi wanted to do was get away from Earth and his past.  His colony ship is halfway to its destination in Alpha Centauri when it happens: first contact with an alien race.  It turns out the galaxy is a busier place than mankind had ever imagined.  Soon Vontae is thrust into a situation that will test his mettle and force him to face his past mistakes.  How he fares will not only determine his fate, but possibly the fate of all mankind.

You can order this novel in paperback either direct from the publisher or at here: Ascendancy (Our Home Earth).  You can also order an electronic copy for your Kindle here.



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4 07 2012

This book is AWESOME

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